About us

Our company was set up in 1994 on the initiative of husband Roberto Casasola and wife Elda Bettin.
This decision was made by Roberto following the twenty years of experience he had built up whilst being employed as a nautical mechanic in order to offer his experience to pleasure boat owners by providing a polite and professional service using avant-garde machinery and personnel always updated on the mechanics of new motors.
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In 1995 we became a Volvo Penta 1st level authorised workshop and thus, are able to guarantee highly specialised company staff and provide our customers with one of the leading brands known all over the world.
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Thanks to the work done by our team of sector professionals, who are always updated on the latest developments on the market by attending updating courses, we can carry out repairs and adjustments to motors and electrical systems on boats as well as provide assessments and perform tests on the wear and tear status of the engine.
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